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$6,999.00 Regular Price
$6,799.00Sale Price

Taurus 200-EU 

Equipped with H/L gear, low gear mode has 40% better climbing ability than the non H/L version & can climb up to 30 degree slopes with ease.

It is perfect for a long weekend of hunting and tough jobs all week long. Four passenger model available. Available in 2-seater Dump bed model with an available foldable 4-seater/rear-flatbed model for only $899 more.

High-efficiency, 4 Stroke Overhead Cam, Air/Oil Cooled Engine Double A-Arm Fully Independent Suspension Hydraulic Assist Dump Bed on 2-Seat Model Lots of Underseat Storage

EPA approved Digital Gage Set with Speedometer and Tach Head Lights, Tail Lights, and Brake Lights.

Turn Signals Optional CVT Transmission High Low two speed Integral Manual Shift Gear Box for Forward Neutral and Reverse Direct Drive from gearbox to rear wheels via half shafts Live Axle Rear Wheel Drive 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes Hand Actuated Mechanical Parking Brake McPherson Strut Front Suspension The Trail Master Taurus high-performance vehicles are trail ready and hard working with a dumping cargo box on the 2-seat model capable of light-duty hauling up to 200lbs. The powerful gas engine has plenty of power to haul and pull vehicle through the tough spots.

The High Low two speed CVT transmission allows the Taurus to perform in the optimum power curve getting the most out of the 177 cc gas powered engine. Easy to Load steel cargo box requires less effort to load and unload. Tilts for easier dumping. Excellent stability and handling on inclines or any type of Terrain. Whether you load it up or leave it empty, the 200EU delivers a comfortable ride with its new specially tuned McPherson suspension.

Hydraulic Disk Brakes - Equipped with 4-wheel hydraulic disk brakes made for stopping with heavy loads.


Rugged Suspension - The Workman rides smoother than ever before. And this advanced McPherson suspension is specially tuned to deliver a well-cushioned ride whether you load it up or leave it empty.


The 4-stroke engine delivers excellent low-end torque power and acceleration everywhere you want to go. Stable design A low center of gravity gives excellent stability. The cargo-box load is centered over the rear wheels for balanced weight distribution.


FUEL INJECTED MOTOR Fuel injection system operates under any weather and at any altitude. With fuel injection, users don’t need to worry about starting in cold weather or at high altitudes; Furthermore, users don’t need to fix or replace carburetors after periods of inactivity with the unit.






    • Equipped with heavy duty steel dump bed

    • Equipped with H/L gear, low gear mode has 40% better climbing ability than the non H/L version & can climb up to 30 degree slopes with ease.

    • Air and oil cooled high performance EFI 177.3 cc GY6 engine with internal reverse set up, with rear shaft direct drive, more reliable power transmission, higher transmission efficiency;

    • Four-wheel independent suspension for much better driving experience

    • Heavy duty frame, net weight 828 lbs, max load 600 lbs

    • Digital dashboard

    • LED Hi/Lo head lights

    • Rear view side mirrors

    • Sporting steering wheel

    • Turn signals

    • Retractable safety seatbelt

    • Big aggressive off road tires: F / R: 24 x 8-12 / 24 x 8-12

    • Polished aluminum wheels

    • Hard top

    • Steel front bumper

    • Cup holder

    • 12-V outlet

    • Adjustable heavy duty front and rear shock absorber

    • Rack and pinion steering wheel

    • Front and rear hydraulic disc brake

    • Large gas tank

    • Horn




    • Optional folded windshield

    • Optional 2000lbs-winch

    • Optional LED light bar

    • Optional Rear Seats


    ·         EPA Certificated

    *        EFI

    ·         Engine Type: 4-stroke, single cylinder, air and oil cooled

    ·         Displacement: 177.3cc

    ·         Compression Ratio: 8.8:1

    ·         Max HP: 9.5HP

    ·         Bore & Stroke: 62.5X57.8 mm

    ·         Max Torque and Crankshaft Speed: 11.0/4500 N.m/(RPM)


    ·         Nominal Power and Crankshaft Speed: 6.5/6500 kw/(RPM)

    ·         Max Speed: 25mph

    ·         Climbing Ability: 30 degrees

    ·         Ignition: C.D.I

    ·         Starting System: Electric

    ·         Battery: 12V 9Ah

    ·         Carburetor Brand: Deli

    ·         Engine Oil: SAE 15W/40



    General Information


    ·         Transmission: Auto, L-H-N-R

    ·         Drive Train: Shaft Drive; 2 WD:

    ·         Drive Mode: Rear Shaft Drive, Rear differential

    ·         Suspension, F/R: Front MacPherson, Rear Dual A-ARM

    ·         Brakes, F / R: Both hydraulic brakes, Disc

    ·         Tires, F / R:  24 x 8-12 / 24 x 8-12

    ·         Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.8 gallons

    ·         Wheels: Aluminum

    ·         Weight, Gross 1018lbs/ net 828 lbs

    ·         Max Load: 600 lbs

    ·         Dump Bed Capacity: 220 lbs

    ·         Towing Capacity: 200 lbs



    Dimension Information


    ·         Wheelbase: 63”

    ·         OA L x W x H: 108”x54”x74”

    ·         Seat Height: 33”

    ·         Min Ground Clearance: 11”

    ·         Bump Bed: 26.4”X43.4”X9.5”

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