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  • What does it mean when a product says "In store / online"?"
    When an item says "in store or online", that means that perticular item is available for purchase in store or online. Example if the item says in store only , it is only available to be purchased in store and not on line. and vice versa.
  • Are parts available?
    At Mid Ohio Motorsports we stock most "common" parts in house, if it is a part we do not n stock we order it throug our manufactures dealer portals and there is normally a 7-10 day turn a round on shipping.
  • Does the vehicle come with a warranty?
    All the vehicles we sell come with the manufactures warranty. Shoud an issue arise that is warranty related, all you have to do is give us a call and we will be the middle man for you. We will submit your claim to the manufacture through our dealer portal. This means you do not have to contact the manufacture we do this for you.
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