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AODES Unveils Latest PathCross 4WD ATV Series: Redefining Off-Road Adventures

AODES rolled out its newest sensation, the PathCross ATV, a trailblazer in the off-road series. Its introduction into the market created a buzz among enthusiasts, The factory is also ramping up mass production to cater to the soaring demands of off-road adventurers.

The PathCross series, boasting a modular design, offers eight models with engine capacities of 650CC, 800CC, and 1000CC, including the 1000CC MUD PRO in single-row (three-seat) and double-row options. Catering to diverse driving needs and power preferences, it’s the perfect choice whether for family or friends’ outings.

The AODES PathCross presents five key features:

1.     Active emission cooling system (AEC)

A patented design with an air-conducting passage surrounding the emission system ensures a cooler riding experience.

2.     Superior Ground Clearance and Suspension Travel

PathCross, with its higher 255mm ground clearance and longer 240mm travel suspension, enhances vertical travel, providing superior ride and handling regardless of terrain or conditions.

3.     Unified Brake Pedal

A hydraulic system operates four-wheel DISC brakes, ensuring safety with powerful stopping ability across all wheels.

4.     Adjustable Front & Automatic Rear Differential System

The PathCross navigates potholes, muddy conditions, sharp bends, and remote sites with ease. Thanks to the front & rear differential system, maneuverability and stability are enhanced. Plus, the lockable front differential system ensures optimal wheel torque even when one wheel is off the ground.

5.     Multi-function Gauge

The comprehensive gauge includes vehicle speed, engine speed, accumulated mileage, turn signals, headlights, EPS indicator, ECU, gas level light, coolant temperature, park indicator, oil indicator, battery indicator, trailer indicator, and brake failure indicator.

Ready to play or work!

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