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Beaumont Rev 2 ST City E-Bike (Retrospec)

Beaumont Rev 2 ST City E-Bike (Retrospec)

$1,199.00 Regular Price
$999.00Sale Price

Expertly crafted to cruise your city with ease.

Designed with vintage flair on the outside, modern convenience on the inside, and electronic excitement all around, Beaumont Rev is at the ready for your everyday urban adventures. This electric city bike’s 5-level pedal assistance, full throttle with 20 mph top speed, and long range of up to 38 miles makes your daily commute something to look forward to; and an accessible step through frame, ergonomic padded saddle, and handy rear rack keeps your errand runs easy, breezy, comfortable, and fun. Grooved, high-volume tires cushion your ride, making bumps and cracks a thing of the past, and full-wrap fenders keep you clean and dry, rain or shine. Beaumont Rev is perfectly suited for city riding, and every kind of urbanite will agree that with this e-bike, the journey is the destination.


Turn everyday errand runs into electric adventures

Beaumont Rev is the perfect commuting companion for the everyday urbanite. This city bike with a boost seamlessly integrates modern technology with the classic European style that inspired its design – all while maintaining Retrospec’s quality guarantee – resulting in an e-bike that’s beautiful, yet functional; cutting-edge, yet timeless; and comprehensive, yet affordable. This next-level iteration of our original bestselling electric bike is even more comfortable, nimble, and powerful than its predecessor, with thoughtful upgrades like a mid-mounted battery that makes handling (and weaving through city streets) easier, mechanical disc brakes that offer reliable and confident stopping power (for stop signs that seem to appear out of nowhere), and larger-volume tires that give you a “cushier” ride (and make uneven pavement feel…well, more even).



    *Top assisted speed

    *Up to 38-Mile Range

    *Cruise for miles

    *5 Pedal Assist Levels

    *Propel while pedaling


    *Planetary geared hub motor

    *36V/360Wh Li-ion battery

    *Charges on or off bike

    *Front & Rear Lights

    *Sunset ready

    *Hop On With Ease

    Getting on and off your bike has never been easier, thanks to an accessible step through frame shape that also allows for a comfortable, upright riding position.

    *Ride Rain or Shine

    Full-wrap fenders protect you from the elements as you ride through the city, keeping you safe and dry on your journey.


    Farmer’s market and grocery store runs just got more interesting. Haul it all on your bike with a handy rear rack. Less car, more go!

    *Quick Access to Controls

    Handlebar-mounted, easy-read LED control panel indicates battery level and controls Pedal Assist and Walk Mode.

    *Press to Go

    Easy-to-reach thumb throttle puts 350W worth of power at your fingertips and conveniently sits right next to the control panel for full hands-on-handlebar control. 

    *Durable, Long-Lasting, High Range

    Li-ion battery offers a range of up to 38 miles. Charges within 4-5 hours. 

    *Quiet, Consistent Braking

    Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 180mm rotors offer more reliable stopping power, so you can brake confidently in all kinds of weather conditions.

    *Cruise Smoothly

    27.5x2.4” large volume tires roll right over bumps and cracks in the pavement for a smooth ride, every ride.

    *Superior Grip All Around

    Sweaty palms have met their match with comfortable, nonslip handlebar grips.

    *Tackle Inclines or Cruise Flats

    With a versatile Shimano 7-speed Mega-Range drivetrain that makes riding uphill or into headwinds a breeze.

    *Sunset-Ready Front & Rear Lights

    Don’t let the sun set on your