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EVOLUTION D5-MAVERICK 4 (Electric cart)

EVOLUTION D5-MAVERICK 4 (Electric cart)

$10,499.00 Regular Price
$9,999.00Sale Price

The Best in forward facing 4 seat Electric Carts!

Dive into the wild with D5 Maverick 4, a rugged four-seater tailored for off-road adventures and hunting excursions. With its elevated chassis and robust shock absorbers, it’s less a golf cart and more a beacon of outdoor prowess.


Redefining Off-Road Excellence

With D5 Maverick 4, the wilderness becomes a playground. This isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a testament to rugged design and engineering mastery. Tailored specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, every facet of Maverick 4 screams adventure. Its elevated chassis rises above challenges, while the advanced shock absorbers effortlessly tame the roughest terrains. Beyond its tough exterior, features like a multi-functional touchscreen and an impeccable sound system ensure that while you’re conquering the wild, you do so with unmatched style and comfort.


Embrace the Beast

Maverick 4 isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a statement. With its off-road tires ready to grip and rip, every journey promises thrilling experiences. Its outdoor “beast” aesthetic, accentuated by the side running board, showcases both function and formidable style. When you step onto Maverick 4, you’re not just starting a ride – you’re unleashing an adventure.



Elevate your off-road adventures with our 9” touchscreen. Seamlessly integrated with speed, gear indications, lighting controls, and an odometer. Dive into entertainment with radio and music options, connect via Bluetooth, and navigate with ease using the back-up camera display.



The most important advantage is the compact size and what is included in that compact size .There are sound bars with extra speakers ,It can be connected wirelessly through the screen . Adjustable light modes with speaker lights beating with music tune.



Storage trunk is configured as standard for all D5 models , golf bag holder as optional accessories for you to convert your D5 for different personal purposes.*Glove boxes and rear storage compartment use common keys for all locks



D5’s adjustable steering wheel is specifically designed to make the driving easier and allow the driver to have more control over the driving view /distance between steering wheel and driver / the feel of steering wheel grips. It works by tilting up and down,depending on what makes it easier for the driver to drive.



Seat Back Cover Assembly: Integrated with handrail, cup holder, storage pocket, USB charging ports, etc.
Standard Safety Belts: Standard three-point safety belts for all seats, keeps you safely buckled up in driving and riding.
Rotatable Armrest: It can rotate 90 degrees and provide an ergonomic support for your cantilever elbows.



Our personal transportation vehicles come standard with LED lights: high beams, low beams, daytime running lights, turn signals and brake lights for a brighter ride. Our lights are more powerful with less battery drain, delivering a 2-3 times wider field of vision compared to our competitors, allowing you to enjoy the ride worry-free, even after the sun goes down.



Venture off the beaten path with confidence thanks to silent tires boasting robust off-road treads, designed specifically for the Maverick 4. These tires don’t just offer enhanced durability and stability, but they also exude style. Rely on their premium compounds for extended tread life and an elevated driving experience.



Elevate your Maverick 4 adventures with our optional all-weather enclosure, designed to shield you from the unpredictable elements. Whether it’s relentless sunshine, sudden downpours, or gusty winds, stay protected and revel in uninterrupted comfort. Plus, safeguard your equipment and save on maintenance by warding off external damage.


    ● Adjustable Steering Column
    ● Cylindrical Evolution Sound Bar
    ● Two-tone Luxury Seats With Foldable Armrests
    ● Seat Back Cover With Cuphold/handrail,charging Port ,storage Pocket .,etc
    ● Multi-functional Dashboard
    ● Rear Storage Trunk
    ● EM Brake
    ● LED Lighting
    ● Foldable Windshield with Slidable Sub-windows
    ● Automobile Style Rear Bumper
    ● 14×7” Aluminum Wheel/ 23×10-14 Silent Tire with Off-road Thread
    ● Automotive E-coat Chassis
    ● 9” Multi-functional Touchscreen
    (Speed display ,Driving Gear indication ,Lights,Odometer, Radio ,Music ,Bluetooth Connection, Back-up camera image display.,etc)



    ● 48V 110AH Lithium Battery
    ● 6.3KW Motor With EM Brake
    ● 400 A, AC Controller
    ● 25A On-board Charger
    ● Top Speed ≥40km/h(25mph)


    118.1×55.8×83.1 inch

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