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There’s nothing like riding in your first go-kart. The wind flowing around you, the wheels turning up dust underneath you. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. And for unforgettable experiences, Tao Motor has you covered. A reliable machine built for kids ready to take on their adventures, the GK110 has become a favorite of our go-kart lineup, and rightfully so.


The GK110 comes standard with a reliable 110cc air-cooled four-stroke engine, with electric key start, and an automatic gearbox with the reverse gear. Multiple convenient features make the GK110 perfect for early riders getting the hang of go-karting. A digital gear indicator and easy-to-read pedals let you know your gear and which pedal to press when driving.


Being a youth go-kart, safety is always key. Ride worry-free inside the fully enclosed roll and securely fastened with a safety harness for both riders. A remote control shut-off can off the engine with a simple button push if learning is still in progress. With large tires and plenty of ground clearance, you won’t get stuck or high-centered. Rugged enough for big kids and accessible for smaller kids, the GK110’s perfect size makes it the number one choice for families ready for outdoor fun.



No matter what type of terrain you are riding on, the Tao Motor GK 110 has one of the highest ground clearances offered so you will not get stuck. Although the chain guard is only 4 inches from the ground, the rest has a full 7-inch ground clearance with a 15-inch tire. This go-kart will not get high centered easily.

Let them get started early learning how to drive inside a fully enclosed roll cage with a remote control engine shut-off switch, and a gas pedal that can be governed down for lower speeds. If you are still nervous about letting them get behind the wheel, stand by with a remote control engine shut-off switch to shut the vehicle off on demand.

The GK 110 is fully automatic with reverse. Many parents requested the reverse, so Tao Motor delivered, offering one of the only small youth go-karts with reverse. The go-kart is easy to drive with an electric start, adjustable two-person bench seat slides from 27 inches to 31 inches from the pedal to the back of the seat.

Adding a cool dashboard that displays all of your controls, from a horn, an engine shut-off switch, headlights switch with brights on and off, as well as a switch that engages the turning signals. The electric key start will keep those adults from having to crank start the vehicle, while the narrow body style allows this vehicle to be stored in a garage without taking up much room.

It has great safety features for parents, and plenty of power and control to ride on all types of terrain. The controls are simple with a standard style steering wheel, accompanied by a gas pedal labeled GO, and a brake pedal labeled STOP, front and rear disc brakes, as well as engaging the rear brake lights with an emergency parking brake. The hand shifter allows the driver to easily shift the kart into the drive, neutral, or reverse gear while the easy to read digital gear indicator informs the rider which gear the vehicle is currently in.


    • Fully automatic with reverse
    • Remote shut off
    • Speed governor 
    • Front & rear adjustable shocks
    • Digital gear indicator 
    • Adjustable two- person seat 
    • Rear cargo rack
    • Hydraulic disc brakes
    • Aluminum fuel cap
    • Grease zerks for suspension bushings
    • 7 inch tires
    • LED light

    Engine Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
    Starter Electric start
    Transmission Automatic w Reverse
    Engine Gear Fully Automatic With Reverse (D-N-R)
    Gear Selector Lever Hand
    Ignition CDI
    Fuel Tank Capacity 1 Gallon
    Brakes Front Hydraulic Disc
    Brakes Rear Hydraulic Disc
    Front Suspension Type Dual A-Arm
    Rear Suspension Type Mono Swingarm
    Tires Front 16x8-7
    Tires Rear 16x8-7
    Wheels Steel
    Speed Limiter Yes
    Battery 12V/5AH
    Front Lights (DRL) Incandescent
    Brake Light LED
    Ground Clearance 3.5in
    Wheelbase 54 Inches
    Unassembled Crated Weight 320 pounds
    Vehicle Assembled Without Fuel 265 Pounds
    Vehicle LxWxH 65x43x44.2 Inches
    Carton Size LxWxH 65x30x20 Inches
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