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$5,799.00Sale Price

railmaster XRX-300 Dune-Buggy GO-CART 300cc FUEL INJECTED water-cooled, Shaft Drive, Full padded roll-cage, 5-point shoulder harness/seat belts

TRAIL MASTER XRX300-GK 300cc FUEL INJECTED water cooled! The shaft drive go-kart is one of the most exciting and advanced buggies to come along in years! Another advantage to this shaft go-kart is the hybrid chain/shaft drive train. The output of the transmission is a chain and sprocket system that drives a small frame-mounted shaft. This small shaft in turn drives the half-shaft axles that drive the rear wheels. Why is this better? The first reason is that it easily permits the changing of final drive gear ratios by changing the size of the sprockets, like a chain drive buggy, yet it provides the durability and reliability of a shaft drive system. The second reason--related to the first--is that the chain and sprockets used are standard over-the-counter parts available at any motorcycle parts department, so aftermarket sizes are readily available at reasonable costs.


The 300cc shaft drives go-kart/dune buggy also features a sophisticated front suspension system quite similar to those found on much more expensive full-sized dune buggies and off-road vehicles costing thousands of dollars more. The XRX 300 dune buggy/kart offers superior power, torque, speed, and performance. There is an 80+% gain in power output over most go-karts and buggies in this class with the 300 XRX providing a power output of as much as 17.4 horsepower. TrailMaster XRX 300 offers an adjustable driver's seat, Aluminum alloy wheels, and an instrument board. Interior features also include the rear-view mirror, rack, pinion steering, and a rear utility rack.


    17.4 HP Powerful 300cc CVT fully automatic with reverse engine, Liquid cool

    EFI (Fuel injection)

    Shaft driven 4 wheel independent suspensions

    Aluminum wheels

    Digital speedometer/odometer

    Stainless steel performance muffler

    Four-point safety seatbelt

    Electric start with kill switch

    Large tires with 20X7-8 in the front and 22X10-10 in the back, steel wheel

    Individual sporting seats

    LED head light

    12 volt power supply

    Bikini sunshade top

    Adjustable driver seat: pedal to seat back adjustable from 41” to 46”

    Adjustable heavy duty front and rear shock absorber

    Rack and pinion steering wheel

    Front and rear hydraulic disc brake

    Four-point harness seatbelt

    Parking brake

    4-wheel fenders

    Turn signals


    Trailer hitch

    Large rear utility rack

    Large gas tank


       Engine Information

    EPA certificated

    Engine type: 4-stroke, single cylinder, water cooled

    Displacement: 300cc

    Fuel system: EFI

    Max HP: 17.4hp/6500rpm

    Max torque:16 lb ft/5000rpm

    Bore x stroke: 2.85x2.63 inches

    Max speed:50 mph

    Climbing ability: 18 degrees

    Ignition: C.D.I

    Starting system: Electric

    Battery: 12V 10Ah

    Engine oil: SAE 15W-40

    Gear oil: MoS2&W-2WD-4D


                     General Information

    Clutch: Automatic CVT with reverse

    Driveline / Driving wheel: Chain+Shaft / Dual wheel drive

    Suspension F / R: Double A-arm / Independent Swing-arm

    Brakes, F / R: Both hydraulic brakes, Disc

    Tires, F / R: 20x7-8 / 22x10-10

    Fuel capacity:2.25 gal

    Weight, G.W. / N.W.:705 lbs / 617 lbs

    Max load:500 lbs


                     Dimension Information

    Wheelbase: 66.1 inches

    OA L x W x H: 90.5x53.1x57.1 inches

    Height to seat: 13.8 inches

    Min ground clearance: 8.5 inches

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