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The Mid XRX-R is one of our BEST sellers!

Take your go-kart adventures to the next level with this TrailMaster MID XRX-R with reverse. This MID XRX-R model isn’t quite your average go-kart. In fact, this beauty has so many safety features that you won’t be afraid to push it to the next level. On top of a padded roll cage this go-kart features an exciting hydraulic brake system, functional over the shoulder safety belt, a kill switch, and a horn meant for grabbing the attention of people or animals that might not realize you’re there.

Apart from the incredible safety features, this go-kart has all wheel fenders so your mudding experience might not be as messy. The MID XRX-R also has so many features that will create a smooth ride for you and a companion. For example, this TrailMaster has large tires, F / R: 16×6-8 / 16×7-8, that will get you through some tough trails with ease. You’ll also feel like you’re sitting in luxury with the individual sporting seats. The driver’s side can even be adjusted to fit most driver’s needs. This amazing go-kart can be pushed up to 25 miles per hour, which is certainly a recipe for the perfect weekend getaway. Of course, one of the best features about this model is the easy drivability, thanks to an electric start, automatic design, gear indicator and easy to power steering wheel.



    TrailMaster Mid XRXR Key Features:

    • Electric start
    • Automatic with reverse
    • Canopy top
    • Manual choke operating from dashboard
    • LED headlight
    • Horn
    • Gear indicator
    • All-wheel fenders
    • Big tires: F / R: 16x6-8 / 16x7-8
    • Rack and pinion steering wheel
    • Hydraulic disc brake
    • Individual sporting seats
    • Padding over roll cage
    • Adjustable driver seat: pedal to seat back adjustable from 31.5” to 37”
    • Over shoulder safety seatbelt
    • Kill switch
    • OA L x W x H: 69x43.3x51.2 inches
    • Max speed: 40 MPH

    Engine Information
    EPA certificated
    Engine type: 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled
    Displacement: 200cc
    Max HP: 6.3hp/3600rpm
    Max torque: 9.6 lb ft/2500rpm
    Bore x stroke: 2.6 x 2.1 inches
    Max speed: 25mph
    Climbing ability: 12 degrees
    Ignition: C.D.I
    Starting system: Electric / Pull backup
    Battery: 12V 9Ah
    Carburetor brand: JF (RX)
    Engine oil: SG15W-40
    General Information
    Clutch: Automatic CTV
    Driveline / Driving wheel: Chain / Dual wheel drive
    Suspension, F / R: Double A-arm / swing-arm(Double Oil Damped Shock)
    Brakes, F / R: No / Hydraulic brake, Disc
    Tires, F / R: 16x6-8 / 16x7-8
    Fuel capacity: 1 gal
    Weight, G.W. / N.W.: 386 /330 lbs
    Max load: 400 lbs
    Dimension Information
    Wheelbase: 48.4 inches
    OA L x W x H: 67x43.3x51.2 inches
    Height to seat: 10.2 inches
    Min ground clearance: 2.8 inches
    Pedal to seat back distance: 31.5'' to 37''
    Shipping information: 54 units/40HQ
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