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TrailMaster Challenger 4-200EX (EFI)

TrailMaster Challenger 4-200EX (EFI)

$6,799.00 Regular Price
$6,399.00Sale Price

TrailMaster Challenger 4-200EX UTV Side-By-Side Great Family Fun, Adjustable Seat And Steering Wheel, Throttle Limiter

The Challenger 200EX EFI 4 Seat has a long list of important safety features starting with its roll cage and hydraulic disc brakes. There's a throttle limiter control, which allows you to limit speeds down to around ten mph. Four-point seat belts are similar to the ones found on the larger UTVs. The parking brake is manually operated with a pull lever between the seats.

This unit comes standard with a full lighting package. headlights, tail lights, blinkers, and brake lights. 

The X version comes with all the extras LIGHT BAR, WINDSHIELD, MIRROR PACKAGE, CHROME RIMS, and BUSH BAR. 

Ergonomically the Challenger is on point for its intended teen or adult audience. Adults up to about 6'2" fit comfortably in this unit. The bucket seats are similar to those found in the larger UTVs, offering a low sit-in feeling. The driver seat is adjustable forward or backward and there is a passenger grab handle.

Power is provided by a 177cc hp air-cooled, four-stroke engine. The engine is an off-road specific engine, made for Trailmaster, and all Challengers are fully automatic Variable Transmission featuring forward, neutral, and reverse, selected by a lever located between the seats.

The advanced suspension allows you to tackle all types of terrain.  Braking is handled by dual hydraulic disc brakes. The brakes offer excellent power and feel and will bring two occupants to a stop in a hurry. Let your young rider take the wheel and create memories that they will never forget.

Adjustable steering wheel. Large tires with 22X7-10 in the front and 22X10-10 in the back Four-point safety seatbelt Individual sporting seats

Adjustable driver seat: pedal to seat back adjustable from 38" to 43"

Adjustable heavy-duty front and rear shock absorber Rack and pinion steering wheel Front and rear hydraulic disc brake 4-point rear swing arm Parking brake Large rear utility rack.  A lightweight rear hitch comes standard.  

This unit comes standard with a full lighting package. headlights, tail lights, blinkers, and brake lights. 


    • 1.Electronic Fuel Injection
    • 2.Aluminum wheels
    • 3.Windshield
    • 4.Top LED light bar
    • 5.Side rearview mirrors
    • 6.Speedometer and odometer
    • 7.Bikini sunshade top
    • 8.Turn signals / Horn / Trailer Hitch
    • 9.Electric start with kill switch
    • 10.Fully automatic with reverse,
    • 11.Four-point safety seatbelt
    • 12.Parking brake / 12V outlet
    • 13.Large rear utility rack 

    Engine Information 

    • •EPA approved
    • •4-stroke, single cylinder, EFI, air cooled
    • •Displacement: 168.9cc
    • •Max HP: 11.1hp/8000rpm
    • •Max torque: 8.1 lb ft/6000rpm
    • •Bore x stroke: 2.26x2.28 inches
    • •Max speed: 24.9 mph
    • •Brake track: <7m@12 mph
    • •Climbing ability: >12 degrees
    • •Ignition: C.D.I
    • •Starting system: Electric
    • •Battery: 12V 10Ah
    • •Carburetor brand: Deli (Vacuum film)
    • •Engine oil: SAE 15W-40

    General Information 

    • •Clutch: Automatic CTV with reverse
    • •Driveline / Chain / Dual wheel drive
    • •Suspension F / R: Independent DualA-arm / Double Oil Damped Shock
    • •Brakes, F / R: hydraulic brakes, Disc
    • •Tires, F / R: 22x7-10 / 22x10-10
    • •Fuel capacity: 1.75 gal
    • •Weight, G.W. / N.W.: 880 / 746 lbs
    • •Max load: 800 lbs
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